You may find (or suggest) your favorite charity and reach out to them to contribute with what you do best; Spread the good message, partisipate in pro-bono work or perform on charity concerts to help heal the world!

Artists like yourself have power to influence your fans to do the right thing. Through ThrillOut CareBoard you get a unique opportunity to find a favorite cause and spread the message to your fans. Your participation can come in many forms; get booked for concerts, marketing the cause, being an ambassador for it, just spreading the word or simply donating money and inspire others to do the same.

  • You find a favorite cause in the ThrillOut Careboard database
  • You reach out to them and ask what you can conribute to the cause
  • You may sign a standard contract with the organization on how, where and when you contribute
  • And you can work together in safety and with mutual respect and commitment