Sound-Wave How does it work

Whit ThrillCast you will create new revenue streams and catch new fans, and here is how


The heart of the system in ThrillOut is the "Collaboration platform" All members and organizations that become member has access to their own collaboration room for various purposes and projects. 

Regarding to streaming one member can set up a streaming project, whether stream a gig, CD release or webinar, and search and invite people in to collaborate to get this project done. 

How it works..

  • Start with register the project and the date for the streaming event in your calendar. Now you will also start a landing page for your event. 
  • Invite people among your network or search up other member in ThrillOut to your collaboration room. This may be producer, sound technician, camera crew etc. Yo may use team from ThrillOut or find crew through our affiliates and partners.
  • Start conversation with your team and plan your project. 
  • There is tool available for simple project management (lean business planner) with task management, to-do, done by who, finished when etc. Also with forecast and budget planning.
  • Sign agreement between members in the team for this project. 
  • Sell tickets and catch fan data. When fans buy and access stream content they may be asked to fill out a form with personal data. This information will be available from instance artist profile (back-office) 
  • Promotion, share the event on ThrillOut and other social media sites with an invite to your ThrillOut landing page and streaming event. 
  • Split program. Our payment solution lemonway allow secure and automatic split of revenues to team members and their bank account.  You may also adjust this from project to project.  
  • Interact and chat with audience.
  • Data traffic analytics: analyse traffic