Promote and engage

Promote your Venue on ThrillOut and throughout social media, press, interact and engage with audience, sell tickets and build your CRM.

Promote content and news

With ThrillOut you have a great opportunity to attract and lead people to your profile, read your content, see videos and see your upcoming gigs.

When you update your profile with news and gigs you will get option to share it on your social media profiles.


Are you promoting other stuff like searching for collaborators for booking gigs, sound technician or events? publish a link back to your collaboration room for this project and engage with visitors and build your team.  


If you have a gig and have decided to sell tickets and take control. Set up concerts at our ticket partner and lead fans with a link so you catch fan data and track control of number of tickets. 

Create a plan 

It`s important to have plan for when and where to promote but also who you want to reach. In other words who is your audience and who is the "personas" you want to reach out to in the music business for potential projects. If you know more about your optimal audience and optimal business personas, it will be easier to reach out to them with customized content.

In your ThrillOut-profile you will find a section with tips and tricks on how to master your content and inbound marketing like a pro.