shop-4 Music Business Services

Help artists succeed 

Offer your services to artists and others in the music business. Be a part of artists career and contribute in their projects. 

Professionals that are invited to promote their services towards artists include:

  • Record Labels/Publishers/Online Music Distribution
  • Songwriters/Music Composers                                      
  • Management companies/Booking agencies
  • Producers/Studio/Studio Musicians
  • PA/Backline providers/Sound engineers
  • Tour managers /Promoters/Event managers
  • Streaming/Video producers
  • Music Schools/Music Organizations
  • Lawyers/Accountants/Marketeers/Music biz consultants
  • Web designers/Designers/Writers/Photographers


choirs, merchandise providers, makeup artists,stylists and tailors of stage outfits, choreographers, dancers,music teachers, translators..