artist-w-mic Artists and bands

Every Artist Is A Startup when:

  • You as an artist decide to follow your passion and start a career as an artists, musician or start a band you are a Startup, continuously.
  • You as an artist create a new album, a new merchandise, a tour etc. ​and your goal ​is​ ​to reach out to fans for interaction and revenues.


You are an artist, what can we do for you?

ThrillOut is your new "Direct-2-Fan" platform. Promote and share your music, your gigs, your project to fans. Connect fan data and engage with your fans-your eco system.

Artists and bands is like small project teams and have to deal with various project and challenges all the time such as: Finding gigs, planning projects, promo activities or finding talented colleges and professionals to work with and much more.

ThrillOut, your tools to build and evolve your career

To become an successful artist, you’ll need a good plan for your business journey. ThrillOut are the new accelerator for artists and bands. Our tools will be helpful for your projects and collaboration with teams so you can focus more tightly on your passion for creating and performing.

With our tools you can send booking requests, managers can find you. You can connect and interact with your fans. Promote your work, do sales and collaborate professionally. The ThrillOut plattform gives you the tools you need for creative collaboration and business management.

Find new business opportunities and start generate more revenue from your work with us! Tools like ThrillCast for live-streaming, ThrillOut CareBoard and more will help you do just that!

We quite simply help you reach the next level as an artist.

Take control over your career now with ThrillOut!