With ThrillOut™, managing your career is a breeze!

To make it as an musical artist in the current environment you should take control of your own career.The music industry is in rapid change and disruption.

This powerful "wind of change" gives you, the artist, a golden opportunity to manage your own career and take back full control.

ThrillOut helps you to do so with ease, through access to easy-to-use tools, clear communication with fans and collection of fan-data for you. 

We firmly believe in you! - And that your music and business belongs to you, quite simply.

Managing Your Own Music Career

We think that you, the artist, should benefit more and more directly from the music.We believe that your creative talent is the solid foundation. With such a good foundation, we also believe that you can and should be the one to manage it, to market it and to benefit directly from it your self.

That is why we have assembled the toolbox that the ThrillOut-services are. A toolbox we are confident will help you to get the job done, the music promoted and spread and the revenue flowing your way. In return we only ask for a small fee, a fair compensation for services rendered. This way the vast majority of your revenue is left in your own pocket, and you hold a firm grip on your own career and success.

ThrillOut gives you the tools for;

  • Promoting your music and performances directly to your fans
  • Collecting data from existing and new fans to help you understand your own marketplace
  • Collaborating with your fellow artists and musicians, songwriters, producers, venues and more
  • Build a simple lean business plan and measure activities (Leanbusiness planner)
  • Planning rehearsals, production, performances, tours
  • Help you build your band
  • Be your own boss without a company (Nordic)
  • Live-streaming of performances through the ThrillCast streaming plattform
  • To use your music to help other people and heal the world through ThrillOut CareBoard
  • And more...


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