Affiliate Be creative and collaborate with your band members, or other artists

With ThrillOut projects and collaboration rooms you can collaborate with other people on planning concerts, tours, gigs or just working with your music. You are no longer required to meet physically for every little detail and you can easily collaborate with other artists scattered throughout the world, by inviting them into your own ThrillOut project.

But there is more!.. 

If you are on the lookout for someone to collaborate with, ThrillOut services gives you access to tons of talented people, artists like yourself, songwriters, venues, producers, bandmembes or other skilled people. Other ThrillOut members have enlisted and you may search our database to find someone among them to collaborate with.

ThrillOut collaboration rooms

Members can create projects to collaborate with others on (or just work on alone). Each project will have a virtual workspace, a "collaboration room" online, in which to plan, discuss and develop ideas, music, performances, tours - you name it! You can invite other members to join you.

You get access to tools for planning your business, set up activities and deadlines,forecast your gigs and tours and more.

Each collaboration room may also have a dedicated folder to store files in, be it drafts for lyrics or demo-"tapes", posters, images, spreadsheets or other documents. Your account comes with gigs of free storage space. You can easily buy additional space at reasonable prices if you need more.


Collaboration room

A typical collaborationroom in ThrillOut.