The Cool Company solution

Whether you´re an Independent Contractor, Moonlighter, Freelance Business Owner, Diversified or Temporary Worker – we have a solution to simplify your business life as a professional Freelancer! For the modern, expanding organization we offer flexible solutions for external workforce management.

For the Freelancer

  • Easy Invoicing without having your own company. Complete Invoicing solution with Salary and Expenses handling.
  • Hassle-free administration. Paperwork and financial management solved.
  • Lets you focus on your professional skills, growing your business and customer value.
  • No risk, pay-as-you-earn subscription model.

For the Company

  • Workforce flexibility when expanding business, launching projects requiring specialist skills or handling temporary work peaks.
  • Cost control and compliance handling of external specialist resources, freelancers and temporary workforce.
  • Cloud based Payroll / Salary and Compensation solution. Plus project and assignment planning, monitoring and reporting.

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