to-logo-short About ThrillOut

ThrillOut AS is a Norwegian company providing an "entrepreneur, collaboration & direct-2-fan platform for the music industry. We offer tools and services for artists, venues, festival arrangers, music promoters, and music business professionals.

Through ThrillOut CareBoard Eco-system we address the UN´s 17 sustainable development goals. We approach collaboration with charity organizations that focus on or has implemented one or several of UNs 17 sustainable development goals facilitate collaboration with artists, fans, entrepreneurs, business in each ecosystem below one ore more of the UNs sustainable development goals. 

The platform under development but collaboration with charity organizations Drop in the Ocean and The Norwegian Fundraising Association is in progress. The Association has 106 charity and voluntary organizations as members

ThrillOut explained

In essence, the music industry is based on a huge number of individuals and freelancers whom get together and collaborate. A recording, a music video, a tour, a festival, it´s all the same; individuals gather towards a common goal with very clear deliverables. This is very much how properly run projects operates in a company. The difference is that while corporate projects are governed and managed legally in almost every aspect, music projects are loose in its composition, legal structures and in many cases they are very risky endeavours or in other words risky project musicians have to strive to achieve before going to the next. 

The core of ThrillOut is a collaboration and business management cloud platform addressing the entire value chain. It allows artists and others that are not big enough to have a back-office apparatus to solve practical day to day issues. The heart in the platform is the collaboration room where members can define or join projects. The platform adds features such as contract management, intellectual property rights management, business planning, revenue distribution and more.

ThrillOut will launch 2 business generators, ThrillCast, and ThrillOut CareBoard.

“ThrillCast is a live-streaming platform through which the artist can reach and manage its fan base. The platform captures data about the user, which again allow the artist to better understand who the fan really is. This can be used to tailor content, decide where and when to play, communicate efficiently through social media, and much more, and while there are streaming solutions out there, none connect the full picture at one location; by correlating data, new business can be created.”

“Our second service at launch will be the “CareBoard”. This is a solution that connects causes that lies close to the heart of the artists with organizations like for example the Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, etc. This connection would allow the organizations to use music to sell and promote their business, while it generates new business for the artists. The organizations have strong rules regarding use of their organizational identity and brand. Which is why it is important with a signed contract between the parties. 

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Signing up for ThrillOut is free. There is no subscription fees. Our business model is based on fair transaction when someone agree regarding a upcoming business like a gig booket through ThrillOut, hiring a company or consultant for help or a revenue share related to live streaming.

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