heart-pulse ThrillOut CareBoard eco-systems

ThrillOut CareBoard addresses the UNs 17 sustainable development goals and our vision is to create a micro eco-system for each of the UNs sustainable development goals. 

Between the passion of our community artists and the power of the different humanitarian organizations in our community, we hope some very good projects can spark. 

Through ThrillOut CareBoard, artists can follow their own compassion and request collaboration with one or several charity organizations that support the UN`s sustainable development goals. 

We approach collaboration with charity organizations that focus on one or several of UNs 17 sustainable development goals. ThrillOut CareBoard organizes and facilitates collaboration with artists, fans, startups & entrepreneurs, businesses in each eco-system we create. Each eco-system is related to one ore more of the UNs sustainable development goals. 

The platform is under development but collaboration with charity organizations Drop in the Ocean and The Norwegian Fundraising Association are in progress. The Norwegian Fundraising Association has 106 charity and voluntary organizations as members. 

Since you are reading this we assume you share our passion to take action and would like to contribute to making the world better.  Whether you represent a charity or humanitarian organization, or you are an artist or member of a band, entrepreneur/startup, or represent a company - we wish you welcome to ThrillOut CareBoard and our initiative to support the UNs sustainable development goals. 

ThrillOut CareBoard eco-systems represent new exciting opportunities for all charity organizations, artists, bands, musicians,  companies, startups, and others with a passion to make a difference.

Later on we plan a festival "Thrillout Impact SDG 17" with topics related to UNs sustainable development goals and organizations that focus on a sustainable goal and artists that is a part of that particular eco-system. We also plan seminars about the various UN development goals and will invite impact startups that have a solution - a new product or service related to established eco-systems and UN development goals. Startups will get the opportunity to present towards organizations as well as startup communities investors/VC´s and startup communities, accelerators and incubators. More info will come..

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We are proud to work together with The Norwegian Fundraising Association, Dråpen I Havet (Drop in the Ocean), Entreprenerdy AS (Entreprenerdy.com), and the upcoming 5G pilot project with Telia and and we are grateful for all the support and advice from Microsoft , Founder Institute, musicians, music organisations and others in our network.