ThrillOut Careboard for organizations

Purely humanitarian and politically neutral organizations and causes can apply to be enlisted in our database. This gives the organizations opportunity to collaborate with artists to spread awareness for their causes.

In the form below you can apply to be enlisted with the Careboard service. The application process can take up to a month. All applications will be evaluated by ThrillOut staff to ensure they conform our terms and contition.

If your cause gets enlisted you;

  • Become visible and searchable in the ThrillOut Careboard database
  • Get an "advert space" in ThrillOut Careboard where you can promote your cause
  • Can set up one or more projects for other members of ThrillOut to partisipate in
  • Send out a broadcast to subscribing members with a request for partisipation
  • Recieve requests for partisipation from other members directly or as a respons to a broadcast
  • Sign available standard contracts or your own contracts (approved by ThrillOut) with members for partisipation towards your cause