Cinema Festival

Find the right artists with the right profile for your venue and audience

You arrange concerts at your festival -  What can we do for you?

The ThrillOut database holds artists and bands in your favorite genres. In it you can find well known acts and fresh up-and-coming artists alike. Every artist in ThrillOut has been approved, recommended or has a documented history of professional work.

The artists and bands set up a unique digital press-kit page where they present topics like their bio-/discography, pictures, sound clips, videos, references and booking calendar for requests. That gives you valuable insights to base your decisions on.


Invite artists, sound-technicians, light-designers, producers,labels or other skilled ninjas into your collaboration room to manage your projects. 

Promote gigs towards target audience

ThrillOut gives you the tools to reach everyone interested in your concerts. Publish your gig calendar in ThrillOut and spread it through your different social media accounts.

Sign up and find artists and bands for your venue the TrillOut-way today!