Affiliate Collaboration Room (your digital rehearsal room)

With ThrillOut we aim to make it easier and more efficient for you to arrange concerts at your Festival. You easily search for and find artists or other contacts in our database. Then you invite them to your project simply by the click on a button. If they accept you can start collaborating right away.

In addition to artists and bands, you can find sound-techs, light-designers, producers, labels or other skilled people who have enlisted with ThrillOut.

How it works

Members can create projects in ThrillOut. Each project can have one or more collaboration rooms, into which you can invite others if you like. This enables you to start discussing ideas, delegating work and planning concerts or other projects. 

In collaboration room you get access to Lean business planner tool and start collaborate regarding business planning, set up tasks and deadlines, forecast activities and track your progress. 

In collaboration room you can sign contracts and agreements with team-members, artists or their management with secure id. You will get access to ticket- and payment solutions and other tools.

A collaboration room can also have a dedicated folder in which you can store files that you need the other people in the collaboration to see and work on. Your account comes with a start-quota of free storage space. You can easily buy additional space at reasonable prices if you need more.


Collaboration Room